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The Foundation for Image Synthesis, founded in 2006.

We are a non-governmental organization of public importance with headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria. The Foundation is registered by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria as organization with special significance.


The Foundation for Image Synthesis offers conceptual advice on global strategic decisions, using an innovative approach to expanding cultural ties between peoples, based on natural - cultural heritage.

    Achieving synthesis between art, science and culture by presenting   topical issues, including environmental issues, using visual means.

    Cultural investment advisory.

    Developing cultural projects with global strategic significance.

    Developing virtual art mobility that creates dynamic Geologic cultural. environment in the spirit of modern time transfer of thoughts and creative energy exchange.

    Establishing international partnerships with cultural organizations.
    Organizing and conducting lectures and seminars both for theoretical and practical training in visual synthesis. Promoting and educating new aesthetics.


The means of achieving our goals are advanced technologies to support the unification of science, art and culture.


The founder:

Ionko Ivan practiced creative and educational activities in the USA, Canada and Europe. In Bulgaria he worked as Assistant Professor in ordinary at the Higher Institute of Architecture and has taught drawing and art of painting. Not long after the start of his career in Sofia to develop and implement his creative plans, he left the country and continued in the capacity of monumentalist painter and educator to practice his activities in the cities of Toronto and Los Angeles.
Travel related to his projects in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Miami, Vancouver, Paris and other art centers enhanced his stylistic approach to fine art. International experience which he has in multimedia interdisciplinary and interactive expression is an important aspect for detecting valuable elements in the projects of the Foundation. His artistic projects provide necessary components to realize the synthesis between architecture and monumental forms of fine arts, which synthesis is suitable for materialization in environments and areas provided by cultural institutes, museums of contemporary art, art galleries and universities.


The Foundation involves employees, managed by a three-member Management Board chaired by Ionko Ivan Stoyanov.



The artistic concept of the Foundation’s activity is created by Ionko Ivan, whose leadership was assumed by contemporary artist with multiple artistic identities.


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