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  • Author(s):                     Ionko Stoyanov

  • Language:          Bulgarian

  • Subject(s):          Social Sciences, Fine Arts/ Performing Arts, Aesthetics,      Sociology of Art

  • Issue: 1/ 2017

  • Page Range: 92-119

  • No. of Pages: 2

  • Keywords:           Environmental aesthetics; Art-nature; Art-science; Epigenetics and art


Interactions between Еcology and Artistic Practice. Issues


Abstract: The topic aims to draw attention to the need for a new aesthetics of the environment. The discussion of art in relation to nature presents different aspects of the genesis of culture from the point of view of modern knowledge. The article proposes a concept of revolutionizing the artistic creativity, expressed in a profound study of nature and a new vision in support of ecological movements. The synthesis of art and science naturally creates the opportunity for the artwork to be engaged in debate, to judge cultural circles, to criticize environmental phenomena in different contexts, and to offer ways of preserving its deep natural roots.The author refers to the scientific discipline „epigenetics” (introduced in Bulgaria by Assoc. Prof. Milena Georgieva), which is similar to the theory of the influence of geological and hydrogeological characteristics on human organism and culture as a part of nature. This exemplifies the new situation influencing modern and contemporary art as opposed to the understanding of nature in the aesthetic theories of the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries.The art project „Geological pulse” is presented scientifically, offering a new picture of the in-depth processes, the knowledge of which is necessary for creation of a modern strategy of ecological movements. It is argued that art is a phenomenon related to natural conditions.

  • Author(s):    Ionko Stoyanov

  • Language:  Bulgarian

  • Subject(s): Visual Arts

  • Issue: 1/ 2014

  • Page Range:    67-92

  • No. of Pages: 25

  • Keywords:  painting; Geoiconics;

The Painting Geoiconics  – an Artistic Science of the Earth


The article presents a new, hybrid approach to the artistic and scientific creative work, called “painting geoiconics”. It is a sort of informal practice in art, claimed by the contemporary artist as a model for putting ahead an actual research problem and at the same time being a bridge to the art about nature. “The painting geoiconics” was presented by the author for the first time in 2004 in Canada. Ionko Stoyanov defines it as a painting science about the earth – geological scientific knowledge recreated by means of painting. The article gives a comment on today’s artistic practices from different points of view – of aesthetics, philosophy and cultural studies – and emphasizes on the necessity of new approaches towards development of visions, stimulating the advancement of thought. It renders a cognitive model in the form of a complex artistic and scientific project entitled “Geological pulse”. The results of the investigation within the project display the important meaning of the changing natural peculiarities for the cultures on the world map. In his artistic practice the author demonstrates and expresses the scientific assertion of the influence of natural phenomena upon the modulation of creative processes.

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