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«Foundation for Image Synthesis» (FIS) introduces to the public an issue whose resolution is urgent the treatment of children suffering from cerebral paralysis and autism in infancy, providing information about a treatment method which is unique and the only one in the world. The Light-Cell Project is connected with a Bulgarian patent that allows for the treatment of these children, until the elimination of their health problems and their complete socialization. The Foundation offers treatment to be applied in the homes for disabled children. Thus, the completely harmless treatment method which was proven by science and practice, will give disadvantaged children a chance to be cured. The Foundation collects signatures among the public in support of this cause to attract the attention of the political elite of the country, and to take specific actions.

We do not raise donations. We only urge you to respond to the invitation of Ionko Stoyanov, President of the «Foundation for Image Synthesis» and artists supporting the cause, to attend the Secret Cocktails Light-Cell organized by FIS in city galleries with start times which will be further announced in the 2012. There you will feel the spirit of contemporary thinking about fine art, design and social commitment. This will happen in a casual atmosphere with recent art works of original artists who participated in the photo exhibition of Ionko Ivan. You will also find refined works of artists presented by the Foundation and galleries, original musical compositions, poetry readings, fashion designs with models – cast by the Foundation, talents of disadvantaged children with disabilities, champagne in the presence of journalists in the spotlight of the media. This is an interesting place to contact and meet representatives of the most prominent circles of society. Come and this way you will support this initiative!

Write that you support the cause at
We collect your signatures to HELP and give health to the sick children.


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