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The HUNGER  Yona Tukuser raises social theme associated with the problems of hunger in the modern world, presenting a series of thematic paintings inspired by historical events Bessarabiya during the famine in Ukraine, where he was born artist. The project was presented by "Foundation for Image Synthesis" Center for Culture and Debate "Red House"., Sofia 2011 

"By being the curator of Yona Tukuser's project, which aims to unite people through the subject of her work of art, “Hunger”, so that such sufferings, would no longer happen around  the world, I would also like to add that I would strongly support every scientific and historical initiative,related to the precise study of the problem. So let the specialists have the necessary courage to be politically correct when it comes to the wailing of the millions of people, dying from starvation. Their grief is still echoing in the consciousness of modern people, and strengthened further by the hearts of the younger generation of artists. The grumble sounds of hunger, coming from the past will still ring in the souls of the people in the future due to the power of contemporary art. It will always support those minds who are not afraid to tell the truth, sealed in the papers. The blatant facts can not be kept in  silence because of the politicians, who are even faking history to be able to sleep in peace. There is no point, hiding the truth about the genocide,that has been exercised by the political systems on man. Yona's paintings may inspire the historians with the necessary courage to tell the mankind the truth about the Holodomor that has happened in Ukraine in the past. Her personality as a young artist will have the mission to unite the people in the future, and not to set off any new wars for political systems that are hiding their anti-human nature. The cause for this awful genocide lies in the communist system of government, which has made it possible not to seek any individual responsibility for the atrocities, committed by the regimes. Holodomor is an anonymous product of the system, called socialism, a conspiratorial type of experiment against humanity, sabotaging the progress,  based on  the suppression of the most important, human values, as the human right to exist, to have elementary normal living conditions (food, water, home, family, freedom of movement, the right to be informed, the right to work and normal working conditions, the freedom of speech)."


Ionko Ivan

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