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The forces of nature have strong impact on our bodies and emotions. Emerging deep in the ground, they move to the surface, changing its strength and intensity influenced by different homogeneity of geological layers.



The reason for this is the water. It is the only substance that moves freely. The water aggressively dissolves chemical compounds, serving as a transporter of matter from one location to another, creating a unique environment in which the earth energies penetrate differently, helps to shape specific fields with rays, for each region at the surface and shaping each area of the planet differently.

So after completing the way through the depths, energies come into contact with the human body, interact with its cells, affect the metabolism and encode in our bodies information for geo zones of our native places.

From the birth of the planet's water is formed a Global filtration flow. The natural phenomenon due to the rotation of the Earth, is swirled into a spiral, starting from the depths of the Pacific, passing through South Asia, the Middle East, the Mediterranean, North Africa, the Balkans, Central and Southern Europe, Atlantic Ocean, North America, Northern Japan, Chukotka, Northern Siberia and ending in the North pole.

Under the influence of water in the stream, earth energies change their properties, forming genetic, social and cultural differences and initiating highly developed civilizations.
Cultural and historical development of the various nations is directly dependent on their location, on the way to the World filtration flow. Because of the various earth energies and colorful palette of chemical compounds, man develops special sensitivity that he further embodies in art.










Such a unique area is the Balkans. In the lands of today's Bulgaria is preserved an evidence of highly developed cultures whose gene can be traced across Europe, which falls under the influence of the World filtration flow. Tracing back the horizontal zenith of world civilizations and making vertical section of the geological and cultural layers, we find the relationship of Bulgarian art with global patterns of ancient cultures.










Geologic Pulse is a touring exhibition. It enables contemporary artists to seek and find their relationship with distant cultures in the world, based on hydrogeological characteristics. In a period of turbulent social developments due to the migration of people it is important to understand the roots of their soul, set in the unique geological culturological layers.

Because nostalgia arises from the mismatch between the code of our cells embedded in a fetal age and the new different environment in which people live.


The Geologic Pulse exposition has features of iconographic reverse perspective in the presentation of axonometric projections of the hydro-geo-filtration stream. A Byzantine perspective is utilized from Orthodox iconography, canon in which the rear plans in the composition stand out and the front is sinking. The principle of representation is modified to the extent that it receives an optical illusion and the underlying deep and invisible to us geological strata stand out but the visible ground surface is fading. This optical illusion creates an emotional effect and prompts the spectator a strong impact on the geo-tectonics and hydro geology on the viewer.

Thus it suggests the topology of the space formed by geological rasters that predominate not only in size but in significance in visual displays.
The emphasis is on global forces that form our vision of the planet's surface and occasionally is used vinyl material with a mirror-reflective surface to indicate the deep layers of the vertical cross sections. This material resembles the metal facings used in Bulgarian icons.

The works in the Geologic Pulse exhibition from the Lithospheric zone are picturesque probes, pieces of geo-artistic mass taken from the past, as geological samples for creative biopsy. They are axonometric projection of the surface region of the geological layers depicted by old paintings, registration of hydrological pulsations of the ground. Sometimes they are covered with translucent grids, symbolizing the latter cultural layer, metal building materials used for the construction of concrete foundations, for the implementation of modern architectural projects. In them are intertwined other systems representing the contemporary time, still with lack of seal on the cultural stratum. On this loose material is written text, marking ground zero of the Earth's surface where water energy coming from the bottom of the earth, penetrate the layers of history to shape the future of human civilization. The visible surface layer of the ground is geo-hydro-cardiogram, certification of geological moments. Visually, they are registered in the artist’s paintings. These are canvases of a past creative period. So, instead of narrative landscape of the area, there is a hydro-geological study about the structure of the planet, covered with paintings, revealing how in the veins of cosmic body flows water - the blood of the Earth. They are visual paraphrase - interpretation of the emotional reaction in certain geological perimeters. These found fragments of life or old paintings - fossils, record the predetermination of creativity based on geological terrain.

Sustainability of the project : Business and Art

Organizing seminars, cocktails and meetings with scientic topic – the connection of Geologic Pulse with the social reality.
Within the Nano Apocalypsis zone will be created sustainable intentions for building public relations, a strategy for mutual contact between private collection initiatives, sponsoring the bridge science and art.
In the Geo Eggs zone will be promoted works from private collections, taking part in the study, and the names of prominent collectors globally. Will be prepared an in-depth analysis of the valuable features of these works of art from the geologic-culturological point of view, as well as an evaluation of the published works within Geologic Pulse, which is a platform to build an interactive network between collectors supporting the project .
A new approach for expansion of the relationship between business and art is created. Examination of the activity of markets for contemporary art in the form of Geologic Pulse and analysis of unlimited development of economic opportunities for gaining in terms of crisis economic environment is performed. The project offers an exchange of contacts between holders of the paintings, involved in the initiative, and collectors from around the world, who are future participants in the initiatives of the Foundation for Image Synthesis.

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