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Geologic Pulse is an innovative and unique scientific-artistic project that explores the relationship between geology and art, providing a key for decoding the earthly energy in culture. This is a new type of investigation of man’s creative work that is influenced by earth’s geologic structure.

The project is presented as a touring  museum exhibition combined with educational events.

The project is a cipher to decode
Earthly energy in culture





Understand art  as
a natural phenomenon.





Decrypt Geo energy encoded
in culture.





Unzip the feelings
for titanic energy.

Geologic Pulse is a project about the relationship between art, nature and hydrogeological impact on arts. It is divided into 9 classified zones.


1. Lithosphere - Geo scope zone

Introduction to the concept of the Geologic Pulse in an unconventional way - the theory is transcribed via picturesque compositions by Ionko Ivan.


2. Genomic - Archaic zone

It discovers a segment of path on global natural hydrogeologic phenomenon, and impact on the formation of the cultures of many nations. In this zone are presented artifacts from the collections of historical and archaeological museums.


3. Photonic  Nests zone

It presents paintings by artists who have never left the borders of their country of birth, which is the zone of sustainability. In the particular case it is only one chosen destination among the numerous nests along the path of the hydro geological stream against the background of the Global map, giving impetus to regional natural environments, cultural, social, economic and political development. Key factor for further aesthetic development for the authors may be that they do not migrate and do not mix with other cultures and artists. They are juxtaposed to the representatives at the next zone - Hydrogeological Eggs.


4. Hydrogeological Eggs zone

The zone is designated for geological and culturological analysis of the world art. The studied works of classical authors and contemporary artists can be seen in the exhibition and to inspire thoughts on the relationship between nature and art.


5. Nuclear Seed zone

Experiment in painting. Fine artist travels in different directions according to the influence of hydro geological flow. One time follows the location of underground stream and the second do not. The artist paints the same topic - still life, falling in different energy areas. The painter compares the creativity in various parts of the world. The analysis shows that in one location the artist is under the influence of the natural geological phenomenon and in other is not. The emotions and colors on the paintings change by the energy fields in conjunction with the hydrogeological environment. The beginning of the experimental program starts with Yona Tukuser. She will present at the exhibition Geologic Pulse, series of paintings, created in different countries. All collected and documented data are processed for geological and cultural analysis proving the influence of geology on color.



This area presents an interactive-communicative functional art installation - "EARTHLY EGGS". Built from sculptural elements integrating computer technology and a virtual cognitive, internet model. The Interface design of the installation, uses highly intuitive platform. Easily accessible, interactive and communicative environment links the museums and universities, so artists and experts from different parts of the world could be involved in discussions.The interactive sculpture allows to extend the experimental work in Seed zone and the results can be documented to systematize and prepare for analysis. The sculpture-installation is a tool for building virtual bridges between participants in the next meta Eureka zone. Earthly eggs are interactive section that allows artists and experts in various parts of the world to join at the forums, to combine their views in a statement that the regional natural hydrogeological characteristics define the processes in the work of generations of artists.


7. Meta Eureka zone

The zone is designed with scientific and educational purpose for conducting round tables with the participation of prominent scientists and artists from around the world. It provides an opportunity to enter into discussions with students and the general public.


8. Nano Apocalypsis zone

It provides a cocktail environment for discussions on protection of the geological environment between representatives of diplomatic and economic-political circles, public figures, scientists, collectors and journalists from around the world.


9. Geo Proton Boutique zone

The area at exposition presents design solutions for the boutique collections. They are related to geo-coded ideas and shows some practical products, that continue the Geologic Pulse concept:. - IMAGATAMI (showcase for conceptual drawings on silk), electronic boutique (a showcase for geo design), geo-fashion (a showcase for accessories), Farenah Concept (showcase for contemporary design Farenah Concept store), Quintessential lifestyle (showcase of extravaganza).




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